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to my website and thank you in advance for your business!  My main objective is to provide you with a beautiful yet affordable dress for your special occasion while providing the utmost customer service. In these hard economic times, my promotions allow you to come back and receive savings.  If the words savings and affordable catch your attention, then Elegant Evenings is the perfect rental service for you. Rent a dress and help a friend out by sharing our business with them!  Once again, thank you for your business and have an awesome time on your Elegant Evening.


A deposit of $50 is required for a dress rental

A deposit of $10 is required for only a clutch rental


-alterations can be made on the dress
- refunds, all rentals are final
-checks are accepted
NOTE: There will be a charge based on mileage only if no rental is made

        1.     How do I rent a dress?
          Give me a call or send an email and we can work out a time and place to meet.


2.       Will I get my deposit back in full?

You will receive your deposit in full upon returning the rental IF the dress is received in the same condition it was in when rented to you (i.e. no permanent stains, tears or holes). After selections a few dresses, give me a call or send an email and we can work out a time and place to meet.


3.       How do I know what size to rent?

It would be extremely difficult to rent a dress true to your size without trying it on first. We recommend trying the dress on since women have all kinds of body types.


4.       Do you have any locations where I can try on the dress?

Elegant Evenings is a home based business, therefore; I have opened my home for locals to come try on dresses OR I can come to you. 

5.       What apparel do you rent?

Elegant Evenings has an inventory of over 50+ dresses to rent. Clutches are available to rental as well.

6.       When do I have to return the rental?

The agreement form, which will be signed by you, will have the return date on it.


7.       What sizes do you have?

The available inventsory ranges from sizes 2-16.  When plus size dresses becomes a demand, I will expand the inventory.


8.       How much does it cost to rent a dress and/or clutch?

The price of a dress will range from $25 and up. All clutches are $8.


9.       Do you have any promotions?

There are two ongoing promotions which can be found below. All military spouses receive unlimited 10% discounts, which cannot be used with another offer/coupon.


10.   When do I pay for my rental?

Payments are due at the time of rental.


11.   Does the dress need to be cleaned before I return it?

No, you do not need to have the dress cleaned.

12.   Do I need to schedule an appointment?

            Yes, appointments are required. They can be made via email or by phone.

Terms of use
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Privacy Policy
Welcome to Elegant Evenings. Our Privacy Policy is simply that we will strive to maintain your privacy. The information that you submit to Elegant Evenings during the course of your purchase will be kept strictly confidential and will not be distributed to any company or individual or another entity by Elegant Evenings for commercialization of your information by others not associated with Elegant Evenings. Your privacy is essential to you and we will guard your information from all others not otherwise herein stated. In order to make a purchase with Elegant Evenings, it will become necessary to give us your name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card information and expiration date. You can be confident that Elegant Evenings does not sell or exchange names or any other information about our customers with others. However, in order to provide you with discounts and specials we have, we may from time to time email you or send you a postcard about this exciting new information.  If for any reason
you would like to be taken off our email list, please contact us via email and we will remove your entry from our list.


Rental hours

By appointments only
No rentals on Sundays

Contact Info
(760) 481-9443
find us on Facebook & Myspace (use above email)



Save 10%
On a dress/clutch combo
Present this coupon at the time of the rental and receive 10% off your total price before taxes. Coupon cannot be used with another offer.
Discount ID: 0001



$20 OFF Receive $20 off your next rental when you refer a friend (friend must be a new customer)

































































































My name is Aischa and I am the owner of Elegant Evenings dress rentals. I am married to a Marine with whom I have two children with. I knew I wanted to start a dress rental business when my husband and I had our wedding. He was able to rent his whole ensemble for the wedding. I had to  buy EVERYTHING! How unfair!! I thought how nice it would be for a female to rent an ensemble for a formal event. Almost 2 years later, Elegant Evenings evolved. Thank you again for visiting my website and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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